What We Need to Know – any pictures or ideas you have are great to bring to the meeting to give us an idea of the feel and style of the day.


The Bride:

Style and Colour of gown

Are you wearing a veil, flowers or headpiece in your hair?

Is there beading or detailing on your dress?  If so, where?

Does your dress have a train?  If so, what length is it?

Sparkle or pearls - what sort of accessories are you hoping to wear?



How many are there?

What age are they?

Design and colour of their dresses – swatch available?



What are they wearing – formal or less formal?

Number of attendants

Colour of ties, cravats and waistcoats



Church or civil ceremony?

Any customs or rules we should know about?

Would the church prefer you to leave any floral displays behind or are you able to take your displays with you?

If you would like your church decorated, are we able to gain access a day or two before the actual event?



Where is the reception?

Does the venue have a particular style or architecture?

Does the venue have a traditional or a more contemporary look?

Has the style of the venue influenced the theme for your day?
What are the proportions of the room – ceiling heights?

Has the venue got any particular features which could be accented or highlighted - pillars, wall panelling, beams etc?

Does the venue have a strict policy on candles and tealights?
Is it a formal day or more relaxed?
How many guests/tables?



What is the overall style or theme of the wedding?

Are there any words which perfectly describe how you would like your day to feel?

Are there any flowers which you love, really do not like or are allergic to?

Have you collected any pictures, photos or do you have a "mood Board" which show the kinds of things you would like?

Would you like to incorporate fragranced flowers, foliage or herbs?

Do you have a preference for the size and/or style of bouqeut - cascade or handtied, large or small?

Ribbons - Lace, satin or organza?